European Structural and Investment Funds

Project title: Development tests of the Car Parking Sensor


Brief description of the project: Development tests of the Parking sensor for cars on electromagnetic compatibility according to the standards: EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-17, and for electrical safety according to the standards EN 62368-1 and EN 62311


Objectives and expected results of the project: Through many years of production of devices for Laser Detectors and modules for installation in cars, devices that are the subject of this test have been developed. In an innovative way, we have made progress in design and functions, thus increasing the usefulness of the device as well as the safety of all its users. It can be said with certainty that these products on the domestic, European and even world markets will bring a much-needed step forward from the previous devices on offer. Activities from this project will accelerate the development of these devices by identifying design irregularities as well as possible incompatibilities with the Norms and Standards prescribed by the European Union and thus will significantly shorten the path of the product to the customer.


Total project value: HRK 36,000.00

EU co-financing of the project: HRK 25,200.00

Project implementation period: 08.01.2021 to 08.04.2021

Contact person for more information: Marko Borošak